Month: October 2014

Friday, 10-31-14

Strength : Bulgarian Squat 4×8 WOD:  24-18-12-6 Walking Lunge(each leg) #95/55Wall BallRest 1 min2 min ME Double Unders 3 things CrossFit teaches you As a CrossFitter, over time it can be easy to overlook the nuances of what makes the CrossFit culture so damn great. Most recently, I was thrown a curveball that has left …

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Monday, 10-27-14

Strength : Deadlift 5×5 WOD: 7min AMRAP 3x Deadlifts #275/18530x Double UndersRest 1 min2 min ME Box Jump   How Much Does Guilt Weigh? We are women. We are strong. We do CrossFit. We are mothers. We feel guilty. Mommy guilt is something that comes with the territory. You become a mother; you inherit all types …

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Thursday, 10-23-14

Strength: Front Squat 7×2 3 sec pause WOD: 3 Rounds 10 pull ups 15 box jumps 24/20 20 front squats 135/75 CrossFit Lykos is hosting their second annual Halloween WOD! Next Wednesday, 10/29 @ 5:30pm Costumes required. Dress your best.  Beer to follow. (all other regularly scheduled night classes are cancelled)  

Wednesday, 10-22-14

Skill: L sit 4x me then practice L sit to support WOD: For Time 800 m run 6 rds 10 ball slams 10 ttb 10 weighted sit ups 45/25 800 m run   new release ladies nano 4 on ___  

Monday, 10-20-14

Strength : Push Jerk 5×3 WOD: 10 min EMOM 5 STO Burpees for the remainder of the minute score = # of burpees   Loading Coach @sbostick22 PR’ing his snatch at 230# #crossfitlykos #crossfit View on Instagram

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