6 Things You Need to Know This AM


1. “Variance is not doing what a lot people think CrossFit is, they just do whatever they fuck they want to do and have no plan, that is not variance” Dave Castro on CrossFit programming  (youtube)

2. Tabata Times has partnered up to bring you a new website full of articles, recipes, product reviews and videos to help their readers support their active lifestyles (nutritionwod)

3. Whey + fruit in baby food packaging?  Can a post WOD snack get any easier? (theeightytwenty)

4. Rich Froning does steroids.  Just kidding… or am I? (romanoroberts)

5. Ladies, this may be the missing piece to your unbalanced hormones, poor energy levels & slow recovery (robbwolf)

6. A real life PALEO RESTAURANT  – homemade almond & coconut flour burger buns? I’ll be right there… (yahoofood)

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