6 Things You Need To Know This AM



1. A guy went undercover to find out why people do CrossFit, what he discovered is amazing. (theweek)

2.  This hiphop star has lost more than 100 pounds because of CrossFit & he also has a new name for it… (eonline)

3.   I don’t want to train with her because her legs are too big and I don’t want to look like her.  (huffintonpost)

4.  Starbucks is now selling what?!?!? (washingtonpost) – –My dream is to have a coffee only shop in LZ, a 3rd jewel location may open in lake zurich before that happens.

5. 30 things I wish I knew before I was 30 (huffingtonpost)

6. If you win the WOD, but you move like shit, there will be consequences (wordswithlisabeth

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