6 Things You Need To Know This AM


1. Dave Castro drops a big hint about this years CrossFit Games  (games.crossfit)

2. Who needs cows? Milk is now being ‘made’ here…… (takepart)  << I can’t even begin to talk about how disgusting this is

3.  Are all opinions worth listening to?  “Sometimes he just happens to have the loudest voice, without having the biggest brain.”  (wordswithlisabeth)

4. Ladies, this mineral is said to work miracles (paleoforwomen)

5. I  think that having the ability to suffer  to get something that you want is important .  I learn a lot of people when I tattoo them, their ability to sit there and endure pain, some people have it, some people don’t. (crossfitjournal

6.  How to win at Whole Foods (elitedaily) << HA! this is hilarious – I love whole foods and shop there daily. Please don’t do #6. 

(click link to see full story)

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