Bobby Morton – April



When did you start CrossFit?
October 2013
Tell us a guilty pleasure.
Sweet potato chips and steak.
A few details about yourself (hobbies, things you enjoy on your free time)?
I just built a raised vegetable garden bed this spring, I enjoy anything with 2 wheels whether it’s motorized or not, a bit of an adrenaline junkie, a father of 2 beautiful daughters Ana (11) and Saioa (8) who both play travel soccer and spend most of my time with, I’m a manager in a manufacturing plant. I’m also a grateful recovering (drug) addict – I have new healthy addictions like CF!
What type of fitness were you doing before CrossFit?
Running and body weight exercises, used to be real fatigued, depressed and got restless sleep…
What is your favorite and least favorite WOD?
Favorite used to be a WOD like Cindy with just body weight. I used to hate heavy stuff. Now, I prefer WODs with Deadlift or stones.
What is your favorite and least favorite lift and/or movement?
Favorite used to be TTB or Box Jumps, but now I prefer heavy stuff, like a back squat. Least favorite is snatch or (attempted) butterfly pullups because of shoulder issues.
How has your view on CrossFit changed since your first WOD at Lykos?
I was very humbled by my first WOD, and continue to be humbled. I guess I’m not as scared as I used to be.
What are you 2014 goals? Did you accomplish any of your 2013 goals?
I wanted more strength and flexibility when I joined in 2013, and achieved that. 2014 goals were a 300lb deadlift (achieved), sub 20 minute 5k (have not attempted yet), a 250 lb front squat (achieved)…. and I forget the other one. I don’t like to put too many expectations on myself, but ultimately I want to continue to gain strength and flexibility.
Has CrossFit affected your life outside the box?
Yes. Less anxiety, sleep better, not fatigued anymore, more overall confidence.
What advice would you give to a newbie CrossFitter?
Wash your hands after every WOD. Use a good salve to condition your budding callouses. If you can’t put your socks on the day after your first WOD, you’re not alone I couldn’t either… for a couple weeks I think. Listen to the coaches, the fundamentals of conquering a goat can prevail in all areas of your life. Educate yourself about what you’re doing and why. Ask questions. Talk to other members or chiropractor and medicare specialist.
If you created your perfect WOD, what would it be?
TTB, Deadlift, and 100m sprints
How did the 2014 CrossFit Open treat you?
Very humbling to watch and have my ego and pride tell me the workout was easy, and then to attempt it and get my ass handed to me. 14.4 was my favorite one.
What Coach Nick has to say…
Bobby has been a natural from day one. He picked up most movements within the first month and hasn’t looked back. He constantly works on his position and technique, looking for any way to get better. You will find him setting the pace during WODs and leading by example with his attitude. Bobby has become a great part of our community and I look forward to seeing him progress even further.
Would you rather……
10 Unbroken MuscleUps or 200 Unbroken Double Unders? 10 MU
Fran or Grace? Fran
Donuts or IceCream? Ice Cream
Sub 5 minute mile or 500# back squat? Sub 5 min mile.
ulie Foucher or Camille LeBlanc Duh, Alissa!
When did you start CrossFit?
October 2013



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