Thursday, 2-12-15

Strength : 15 min to work up to 1RM Power Clean WOD: 5 rds 15 wall balls 15 power cleans 95/55   Barbell Therapy For years my escape was in the bottom of a bottle. I was honorably discharged [...]

Monday, 2-2-15

Strength/Skill:Squat Clean15 min to establish1x Squat clean, 1x HSC unbroken WOD:10-Emom1x Squat Clean2x Front squat* As heavy as clean allows Rest 1 minTabataP-bar L- Hold/PlankLunges/TTB IS IT [...]

Monday, 10-27-14

Strength : Deadlift 5×5 WOD: 7min AMRAP 3x Deadlifts #275/18530x Double UndersRest 1 min2 min ME Box Jump   How Much Does Guilt Weigh? We are women. We are strong. We do CrossFit. We [...]


WOD: 800m run50x TTB50x Push Up50x Air Squats400m Run25x TTB25x Pull Up25x Pistols(each leg)200m Run   Which Path Will You Choose? If we don’t act on our words, what have we done? Filled the [...]

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