CrossFit success links Barrington, Lake Zurich

CrossFit success links Barrington, Lake Zurich

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LAKE ZURICH — As a company built upon the principles and training regimens often used in the military, CrossFit, Inc. is honoring a group of 31 fallen military heroes this weekend the only way it knows how — pain.

Contributing to that effort, business partners Brian Niven, Chris Bluse, Dino Foderaro and Shawn Bostick will open their CrossFit-affiliated gym in Lake Zurich on Aug. 3, as it was said in their social media campaign done by CrossFit devotees know the Workout of the Day as W.O.D., a daily regimen scaled to meet and achieve individual fitness needs.

CrossFit Lykos, which is set to open at 532 W. Main St., Suite 130, Lake Zurich, has invited members from its sibling gym, CrossFit Barrington, to the new facility for a special “CrossFitter’s moment of silence” W.O.D. for the 30 men and one dog that died for their country on Aug. 6, 2011.

CrossFit, which was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, has since grown to include more than 5,500 affiliated gyms worldwide. While the workout first gained traction with military personnel and athletes, its appeal has reached a wider audience because of the broad and inclusive style of fitness prepares its trainees for “any physical contingency — not only for the unknown, but for the unknowable.”

According to CrossFit Lykos, “CrossFit training is based upon a workout system of constantly varied, functional movements executed at a high intensity level.” The workouts translate to real world fitness, relying on core movements people employ for practical purposes every day, like moving heavy loads in the shortest amount of time possible.

Niven explained that a friend introduced him to CrossFit in 2007 after he left the military. He was quickly hooked, and began to run a gym out of his Barrington home’s garage. With help from longtime friend Chris Bluse, a former professional lacrosse player and former head coach of the Barrington High School lacrosse team, the two opened CrossFit Barrington in 2011.

Today, CrossFit Barrington boasts more than 200 clients ranging in age from 4 to 70. The facility, located at 28066 W. Commercial Ave., suites 8 and 9 in Lake Barrington, offers more than 40 classes, all of which are tailored to fit a vast range of physical abilities.

When Niven and Bluse decided to expand, they came up with CrossFit Lykos — Greek for “wolf” — and enlisted Foderaro and Bostick to get involved, too.

“Lake Zurich is a great town full of fitness-conscious people that are dedicated to improving their lives,” Foderaro said. “You see with the Alpine Runners Group and the Lake Zurich Flames — this is a community sticks together and works hard, as a team, to achieve its goals.”

Foderaro met Niven and Bluse when they were students in an MBA program at the University of Loyola-Chicago.

“They introduced me to (CrossFit) one day and I never stopped; I’ve been with them since they were training out of their garage,” said Foderaro, who had earlier served in the U.S. Air Force.

Bostick, who was first introduced to CrossFit through a friend before joining the military, joined CrossFit Barrington last year. Bostick said he developed an appreciation for the way the exercise regimen prepared him for the mental and physical demands of the U.S. Navy.

Now, he is part of the group leading the CrossFit expansion to Lake Zurich.

As CrossFit Lykos’ head coach, Bostick said he is excited to be a part of the Lake Zurich community. In addition to helping returning and incoming members of the gym, Bostick said he’s also committed to working with the local sports teams.

Like the Barrington location, CrossFit Lykos plans to offer membership discounts to high school and college students.

Barrington High School graduates Kelly Meckert and Lisa Danhauer, who played water polo, got involved to keep themselves in shape during the off-season. They eventually realized the training also improved their game.

Danhauer said her endurance in competitions improved; Meckert found her shot had gotten better, and that she had grown more competitive.

Jonathan Matta, a Barrington resident who is a member of the Barrington gym, said he likes CrossFit because it’s a sustainable, exciting form of fitness.

“You are cheering people on — there’s a genuine regard for their success and their adoption of the sport and that’s what’s been so cool,” Matta said. “For me, it’s as close as I’ll get to active military service.”

This Saturday, participants and a partner, can choose to participate in the 8 a.m., 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. “31 Heroes W.O.D.” For 31 minutes, they will alternate between one partner running for 400 meters with a sandbag as the other performs eight “thrusters,” six rope climbs and 11 box jumps.

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