Devotees say CrossFit is for everyone

You may have a preconceived notion of the type of person who belongs in a CrossFit gym (relatively young, jacked, etc.), but Tony Caravajal, certified L-2 CrossFit trainer with RSP Nutrition, strongly believes that CrossFit is hugely beneficial for the full spectrum of ages and athletic capabilities, starting with adolescents. “CrossFit Kids classes are a fantastic way to help a child develop balance, coordination, as well as proper motor skills.” He says that these skills are a fantastic way to put a child ahead of the game as well as instill a love for a healthily lifestyle.

Patrick Zeiher, owner of CrossFit Indian Trail, notes that one reason CrossFit is so beneficial for all ages is that the physical needs of a person vary by degree — not by kind. “We can literally have a 60-year-old athlete doing a similar variation of a workout as a 25-year-old competitive athlete,” he says. “Their needs don’t vary by kind; in other words, they both need to be able to squat to a toilet, pick something up off the floor, or get themselves off the floor. The 25-year-old should just be able to do it all faster,” says Zeiher.

Another essential element of CrossFit is the spirit of sports and competition. Many CrossFit gyms use strategic actions, like keeping a score board and posting winners to social media, as motivation rather than a reward system. So if you’re someone who is motivated by competition to push yourself physically, CrossFit may prove a great exercise for you that drives fast results. Click here and find more .

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