Everything You Need To Know About CrossFit Before Your First Class

Have you ever found yourself wondering: WTF is a WOD? Or, overheard someone talking about Grace, Angie, and Helen—only to discover that they’re workouts…not women? Welp, if so, chances are you’ve encountered a CrossFit junkie.

It’s not that surprising seeing as the global fitness family that’s more than a million strong and counting. So, even if you’ve been hiding under a yoga mat for the last 20 years (CrossFit started our of a garage in Santa Cruz, California in 2000), you have probably at least heard about CrossFitt. Chances are you’re already aware of the fact that it’s known for intense workouts, a close-knit community, and lots and lots of abs. Still, so much about CrossFit remains a mystery—especially for folks who have never stepped a Nano-clad foot into a box (CrossFit speak for gym). check out room additions in san diego.

But CrossFit isn’t Vegas—as in, what happens in the box doesn’t have to stay there howells ac. Whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, are seduced by the promise of a ride or die #fitfam, or are just vaguely intrigued, this CrossFit crib sheet will clue you in on the fitness phenomenon.

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