Friday, 12-20-13

Does any one else find this article fantastic?


The owner of Chelsea’s Brick New York, a CrossFit gym, is to pony up $250,000 to install soundproofing, in response to complaints and a lawsuit from neighbors in the building.

Jarett Perelmutter, who owns the fitness facility at 257 West 17th Street, told DNAinfo that he has hired a sound engineer and begun installing soundproofing materials in hopes that the move will muffle the angry cries of the building’s condominium board.

The gym is also adding floor padding and an acoustic drop ceiling that will absorb noise, Perelmutter told DNAinfo. The work will be completed in a few weeks, he said.

“We’re not just some plastic fitness facility, we want to make this work at the highest level possible,” he told the news site.

Residents of the building sued the gym in November in an attempt to curb the noise from slamming dumbbells and weights, which they alleged woke them up as early as 5:45 a.m. every day. In early December, the condo board uncovered the gym’s failure to apply for a culture establishment permit until more than a month after opening, for which they accused the facility of operating illegally. [DNAinfo] — Julie Strickland

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