CrossFit Lykos is a community of athletes; husbands, wives, parents, military, police, business men & women, students and grandparents. We are a COMMUNITY mutually dedicated to the improvement of ourselves, the improvement of others, and the improvement of the local community through health and fitness. We consider ourselves family at CrossFit Lykos.

At CrossFit Lykos we integrate group warm ups, mobility,  strength training & conditioning into every workout. Our main goal for our clients & athletes is to develop proper technique & scalability for workouts.  In other words, our goal is to teach people how to move, properly.  Throughout life we are taught virtually everything, besides proper movement. For us, technique trumps all; more weight & higher speed is what follows.  We program for both ends of the spectrum, from learning the basics of movement and staying in shape to those who want to excel in elite athletic performance (competitive athletes).

CrossFit Lykos is for you if you:

– Want to get in shape but don’t know how
– Dislike the globo-gym environment
– Have lost interest in your gym routine or get bored with your workouts
– Think you don’t have time to exercise
– Are looking to get faster or stronger for your sport
– Are no longer seeing results with your current training regimen

What is the word and why did we chose it?  Lykos is the Greek word for wolf.  We picked up the wolf  idea/theme this from this story which directly correlates with our thoughts about the CrossFit philosophy.  We help our clients overcome perceived obstacles daily by providing them with the skills and encouragement to achieve their full potential and exceed their own expectations, mentally and physically.


I started at Lykos right when it opened and since then I feel like it has become an increasingly bigger part of my life. Lykos is everything I was hoping my old CrossFit gym would be (sorry, old gym). Right away I appreciated the structure and schedule. I love knowing that when I go to a class I will be getting work done for the whole hour, not just getting a WOD in. Lykos has helped me grow skills that are vital to CrossFit like HSPUs and kipping pull ups simply by taking to time to practice and isolate movements. What’s HUGE is that at Lykos I feel like I’m supported fully, pushed as far as I can go and believed in. I attribute my growth and progress to the support of the staff and the programming provided. Because of Lykos, the best part of my day is the gym. I love coming in, getting a sweat on, working hard and having a few laughs. Not to be mushy, but the thought of having to leave Lykos is awful. The CrossFit bar has officially been set sky high for me and I hope to stay with Lykos for…ever!

Martha Freewalt

Since August 2013, I’ve become a Crossfit addict. I started with my son with the intent of finding something fun we could do together and to meet new people. Since then, I’ve become a regular. My progress isn’t record-setting, but I went from someone who couldn’t do a pull-up, couldn’t jump rope, and had never done Olympic lifts to being able to do all of them. I enjoy the small victories – an RX WOD on the board, an incremental gain on a lift, 3 more consecutive double-unders. They all prove I’m making progress and getting better. I didn’t intend for Crossfit to change how I look at life, but it did. And I feel I’m better for it. 

Tim Close

My overall experience at Lykos has been great. Having come from a different CrossFit  gym I didn’t know what to expect. The differences I noticed were immediate. The organization, coaching, and programing were all a great improvement. The gains and improvements I have made in my time here all reflect how Lykos is run. Lykos has become a home away from home, not only is it a great gym it’s also filled with great people.

Keith Freewalt

I am not always very comfortable working out in a group as I am not athletic and not very competitive.  However, I am very comfortable at CrossFit Lykos. From the coaches to the members, everyone is always so nice and very encouraging. I was afraid a gym like this would be full of highly competitive musclebound men and women and that working out here would be uncomfortable. But I am happy to say it isn’t like that at all, you have people at all different levels who don’t mind working out with people at all different levels. While I am not very competitive, the atmosphere at CrossFit Lykos encourages me to push myself harder and further than I could ever do on my own.


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