January 2014 – Athlete of the Month





AGE: 36

When did you start CrossFit?
October 2013
A few details about yourself?
I am a Lead Software QA Engineer at HERE (Formerly known as NAVTEQ and Nokia Location & Commerce) where we build software which collects, processes, and produces traffic flow and incident data used by Garmin, Sirius/XM, Bing, Yahoo, etc. I grew up in Homewood, IL, went to University of Illinois at Chicago, and moved to Lake Zurich with my husband Chad about 3 years ago. I love hiking, skiing, golfing, and pretty much any other outdoor activity. Additionally, the past couple of summers we got involved in quite a few obstacle course races including completing two Tough Mudders.
What type of fitness were you doing before CrossFit?
I have always been active and involved with sports growing up, I played softball and golf in high school but took a break from organized sports in college. After joining the corporate world I started going to large chain gyms for years where I was basically just maintaining my fitness level at the time. I found that maintaining the same routine was not producing the results I wanted and it was growing increasingly repetitive and boring. Two or so years ago I stopped going to the gym and started working out at home with videos like P90x and Insanity which after a couple rounds of the full programs I did see some positive results particularly with my upper body strength, however, watching the same videos every day became even more repetitive than the previous years at the gym so I would mix some running outdoors into my routine which helped break up the monotony. I have been searching for a workout routine that allows me to continue to be active and maintain some strength but also remain fun and interesting which is why I was totally hooked my first week doing Crossfit. I really wish I would have discovered Crossfit years ago.
Favorite Lift:
Overhead squats or deadlift. OHS because there is something really empowering about any movement that involves lifting a barbell over my head and deadlifts because it seems to be one of the lifts where having a lower center of gravity helps
Least Favorite Lift:
 I struggle the most with snatches so I find it the most frustrating right now.  However, once I figure out how to do it properly I’m sure it will quickly become my favorite.
Favorite WOD:
15 minute AMRAP 5 power cleans 10 bar hop burpees 15 sit ups 20 doubleunders
Least favorite WOD:
1000m row, 5 minute rest, 1000m row
How has your view about CrossFit changed since your first WOD at Lykos?
Something which I found surprising about crossfit is that going to the gym feels more like going to a playground where we get to jump rope and do handstands while at the same time learn new skills like attempting muscle ups, toes to bar, and various lifts. There is something I have found so much more fulfilling about learning a new skill or challenging myself to improve upon a skill that motivates me to want to keep coming back and try to do better today than I did yesterday.
What are your 2014 goals?
I would love to be able to do a muscle up
Has CrossFit affected your life outside the box?
Working out has been something I try to prioritize for myself because it allows me to do something for myself which helps me feel good both physically and mentally. Crossfit has definitely done the same and more because I have had an even greater sense of accomplishment being able to try activities and movements which were totally new to me and see progress over the weeks. Also, my husband joined recently and is hooked as well so it is also time we get to spend together outside of our otherwise busy schedules.
What advice would you give to a newbie CrossFitter?
Keep showing up, keep doing your best, and have fun!
Describe yourself in one word.

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