3 > Did you read that? We only care about how WELL you can lift.

4 > Introduce yourself to all newbies.

5 > We are coaches, not personal trainers.  We don’t put your weights away, count your reps, hold your hand, get you a tissue or call your momma.

6 > Cheating reps is not okay.  Use the full range of motion that we taught you.

7 > If you can’t count your reps, LEARN. 1,2,3,4,5,6….

8 > Listen to your coach and do not talk while the coach is talking; we are here to make you a better athlete.  I’m pretty sure you learned this in kindergarden.

9 > Leave the coaching to the coaches.

10  > Our desk is not your desk, stay in front of it.

11 > You are NOT Lebron James, use chalk sparingly, keep it in its rightful place (the bucket) and try your hardest to not KNOCK THE BUCKET OVER.

12 > Wipe your sweat off the floor, even the dogs don’t want to lick that up.

13 > Our gym is not the beach, keep your shoes on.

14 > Don’t quit. Scream, cuss, cry, bleed, or puke. The human body is capable of more than you can possibly comprehend; feed it accordingly.

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