Monday, 12-8-14

Strength :

3x ME strict Pull-up
Those doing weighted – 3,3,3,3,3
Muscle Up Progression/Transition
Warmup Front Squat and Push Press

WOD: Franish

Front Squat
Push Press
Pull up

Advanced sub 7-5-3 Muscle up for Pull ups


Do your best.

It might not be as good as hers, or his, or yours yesterday. So what? All that matters is that you do your best.

We live in a world that values comparisons, but use them only if they are useful to you.Otherwise, discard them. Why not? There are no real rules to life, just the ones we all make up.

If your comparisons depress or demotivate you, why persist with them? Is it helpful to beat yourself up? Are you trying to do the best you can right now? If so, you’re okay. And if your PRs are from years past, years without injury at a lesser age, toss them. Fold them into your memory books. Take them off the board.

Now, set new records, starting from this point forward. Why not? All that matters is that you are continually trying to improve from where you are right now.

We’re not competitors playing for money. There are no laws on personal records. You can toss them, keep them, or ignore them. And you can invent your own.

Most smiles I’ve given in a day: 52.

I just made that up, but tomorrow I’m going to count and try to make that record. Why not? Must everything be so dour? Are only serious things imbued with importance? Hell no.

Do your best. Have fun. Set a PR for this week, or this day, or this hour. The world can be new again if you choose to see it that way.

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