September 2013 – Athlete of the Month





AGE: 44

When did you start CrossFit?
I started at Lykos on August 17th
A few details about yourself?
I live in Lake Zurich. I work for a technology start-up in the publishing space and also do marketing and strategy consulting for nonprofits and various different companies. I have two incredible kids, Spencer (16) and Maggie (13). Spencer plays football and wrestles at the high school, and Maggie is a competitive gymnast. If I didn\’t have to work, I\’d be a hiking guide in Colorado or Washington. I grew up on the West Coast and went to UCLA.
What type of fitness were you doing before CrossFit?
I\’ve always been a runner. I started running with my dad when I was 5 and at that point people wondered who was chasing you, basin taps. While I love running still, I need the diversity that Crossfit brings.
What is your favorite and least favorite WOD?
My favorite WOD so far is the Hotshots Tribute. I don\’t really have a least favorite, but some are certainly harder than others. Probably the ones that target where I need the most improvement. I like the tough ones because I have a sense of accomplishment when I finish – even if I\’m last. I\’ll get better and then I won\’t be last anymore.
What is your favorite and least favorite lift and/or movement?
I like all of the lifts. My least favorite is the overhead squat, mostly because I\’m not very good at it yet and I need to work on my flexibility.
How has your view about CrossFit changed since your first WOD at Lykos?
It sounded like fun, but really hard. So far, both of those have remained true.
Have you achieved any of your goals?
I had never jumped rope before CrossFit. My personal best is now 61 in a row, and I can sneak a double-under in every once in a while. I also couldn\’t do pull-ups. At Coach Shawn\’s suggestion, I put a pull-up bar in a doorway in my house. Each time I go through I have to do 10 pull ups. I\’m not good at them, but at least I can do the WODs with a band now. I am shooting for kipping pull ups without a band and then strict pull ups.
Has CrossFit affected your life outside the box?
It\’s giving me something to look forward to each day and something positive to do with my son. It\’s prompting me to make all sorts of good changes throughout my life, everything from health care and diet to sticking to schedules and goals better.
What advice would you give to a newbie CrossFitter?
Don\’t be discouraged by what you can\’t do. DO NOT GIVE UP. Little goals and accomplishments are good. Don\’t take too much Advil.
Describe yourself in one word.
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