Thursday, 2-12-15

Strength : 15 min to work up to 1RM Power Clean WOD: 5 rds 15 wall balls 15 power cleans 95/55   Barbell Therapy For years my escape was in the bottom of a bottle. I was honorably discharged [...]

Monday, 2-2-15

Strength/Skill:Squat Clean15 min to establish1x Squat clean, 1x HSC unbroken WOD:10-Emom1x Squat Clean2x Front squat* As heavy as clean allows Rest 1 minTabataP-bar L- Hold/PlankLunges/TTB IS IT [...]

Tuesday : 11-18-14

Strength: OHS 6×2 WOD: For Time 40 overhead squats 75/5520 hand release push ups30 ohs20 hrpu20 ohs Lake Zurich – CrossFit Lykos Public Hearing  Basement of 70 E Main Street, Lake [...]

Wednesday, 10-1-14

Skill : Muscle Up ProgressionHip OpenersTurn Over ProgressionPull up 3x ME/weightedRing Dip 3x ME/weighted WOD : 12 min AMRAP 4x Muscle Ups(4x Burpees, 8x Pull up, 8x Dips)9x Box Jumps15x Sit-ups [...]

Monday, 8-25-14

Strength: Back squat  7×2 WOD:15 minute AMRAP 1,2,3,4,5,6  etc…. Backsquat 135/9510,20,30,40,50,60 etc….. Double Unders rest 1 min 3 minute AMRAP air squats Nectar of the Wods