Thursday, 5-8-14

WOD: For Time 200m Run 100 DU 400m Run 75 DU 800m Run 50 DU 1600m Run 25 DU Listen … Learn Criticism is a scary thing. When someone corrects you, often you’re thrown back into being five [...]

Tuesday, 5-6-14

WOD: AMRAP 14 Minutes 200m Run 10 TTB 20 WallBall How to Get Your First Muscle Up Getting your first muscle up is a coveted experience for most CrossFitters. Everybody remembers when and where [...]

Wednesday, 4-23-14

Strength : 1 RM Power Clean WOD: 3 Rounds 400m run 21 power snatch 75/35 12 pull ups Think and Choose Somewhere, somebody is burning with jealousy. Complaining, seething, suffering. He doesn’t [...]

Thursday, 4-17-14

WOD: Time Trial 1 mile run rest 4 mins 800 m run rest 2 mins 400m run rest 1 min 200m run CrossFit is About More than the Games  You don’t have to like the CrossFit Games. Or the Regionals. Or [...]

Tuesday, 4-8-14

  You asked, we answered.  Lykos is thrilled to announce our first Barbell Club. Sundays from 11am- noon. {open gym will now be from 9 – 11 am} We are working hard to make this the most [...]

IT’S FRIDAY! 3-21-14

Get your shorts out of storage, 60 degrees today! STRENGTH: Front Squat WOD: AMRAP 10 Minutes 100m Run 5 OHS 95/65 10 Burpees ________________________ Reminder: 14.4 can be completed at the [...]