the worst day of the week, deserves a wod equally as bad

CrossFit Lykos – CrossFit GPP


Run/Dynamics (No Measure)

400m Run

Group Dynamics



Back Squat (8 min emom )

2 reps every min on the min at 80%+ of 1rm



beep test (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

every min on the min perform

7 thrusters 75/55

7 pullups

7 burpees

you keep going until you can no longer complete the reps inside the SAME minute.

This is not about ego this is about how long your lungs can last. If you can’t do 7 unbroken pullups for multiple sets then do ring rows or jumping pull ups.

If you can’t do 7 reps of each and make it at least 8-10 minutes then scale the reps. 5 of each 4 of each whatever it takes to make it to that time

regardless of scale if you cant make it to 12 minutes then when you fail it becomes a AMRAP for the remaining of the 12 min

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