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CrossFit Lykos – CrossFit GPP


Run/Dynamics (No Measure)

400m Run

Group Dynamics





Overhead Stability

5 rounds

20 seconds Hold

40 seconds Rest (in a rack)


5 rounds

20 seconds hold overhead

40 second hold in the front rack

That is 5 minutes time under tension. Don’t expose your back(lose your midline). Coach will help you choose a weight in which you can maintain a good position for 5 full minutes.

Metcon (No Measure)

Teams of 2

Every 2 minutes for 24 minutes.

250m Row

10x Thrusters(Single Arm) 50/35(DB)(5x each)

12x Box Jumps

Rx + = 2xKB @ Green/Yellow

*Both partners work at the same time. Partners alternate on the row each round.

*Scale reps or distance to be attainable within a 2 minute window each time.

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