TTB game better be on point…….or its burpee city

CrossFit Lykos – CrossFit GPP


Run/Dynamics (No Measure)

400m Run

Group Dynamics




12-15 minutes to work on a goat.

Work on something you are bad at. If you can already do 50 double unders unbroken prolly need to spend some time on something else. Work whatever you have been putting off working on.


P: Metcon (Time)

100 TTB for time

Every time you come off the bar 5 burpee penalty

20 min time cap
put how many total burpees you had to do in the comment section

Score does not include the cash out

CASH OUT- 200 double unders

F: Metcon (Time)

75x TTB for time

*3x burpee penalty for breaking

Cap: 20 min

Cash out = 200x Double unders or 5 minutes of effort

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