Tuesday, 9-9-14

Skill : Handstand Shoulder Touches


WOD : Mary

10 pistols
15 pull ups

In case you missed it yesterday…..

After our one year anniversary for the gym, we looked in Wodhopper for everyones numbers, scores, times to see improvement (in number form) over the year. While there are SOME numbers tracked from PR posts, we realized no one actually uses wodhopper.   The program works for our backend stuff, it just doesn’t cut it as a way to keep track of our wods and strength numbers.  We WANT YOU to keep track of EVERYTHING.  From your scores/times on a WOD, to your strength numbers, to your benchmarks.  That way, over the next year we will have the ability to see results in number form.  This is where CFWHITEBOARD comes in.  Notice the little “whiteboard” button on the top of this post.  After every class we WANT you to post your strength numbers and WOD times/scores.  It’s so easy to work, you just click the whiteboard button and press ‘add yours now’.  The first time you enter it will have you enter some information to make an account.  There will be a strength tab (on days we do strength) and WOD tab (obviously everyday) so please be sure to fill out both.  Once you make your account, you can put in your scores and it creates your athlete profile.  To check out all the athlete profiles go to blog —> athlete logbooks, in the drop down menu.  The athlete profiles are awesome, it keeps all your numbers in one spot, creates graphs etc.  We are trying this out for a month, if we love it we keep it, if everyone hates it, we’ll get rid of it.  We want you to take accountability for tracking your numbers, so please use it over the next month.  CFWhiteboard does not have an actual app for iphone yet, but a beta version will be released in October.  So right now you will have to use it through the website. Watch this video below, it takes you step by step through what CFWhiteboard can do and how to set up your account.  Nick and Shawn will run through a quick demo during classes as well.  If you go to yesterday’s WOD post you can see everyone who entered their scores.


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